My Books

I have created six travelogue book using showing photos of my travels to Laos, South Africa, Scotland, Egypt and most recently Vietnam.
Although dated (visited) 2008 I only published my Laos book in December 2010 after discovering Blurb Books. I like Blurb because the pages can be custom made and the whole process is very intuitive.
My South Africa book was published in August 2011.
My Scotland book was published in September 2012.
My Egypt book was published in November 2012.
The Viet Nam Blog 2013 was made in conjunction with Mike Steward. Mike wrote the text and the photos are by both me and Mike.
My Viet Nam 2013 companion book to the Blog book was published in November 2014.

I have also made three Photographic Archive books, 2001-08, 2008-2012 and 2012-2017. They were published in 2013, 2014 and June 2017.

Blurb have set up (June 2017) a new link for my books to their site, which looks ridiculously small. To open a book click on the top right mark above a book (a diagonal two way arrow). Then, once opened, all pages of the book can be viewed - click on the right side edge to go forward or left side to go back.

**** HOT OFF THE PRESS, June 2017 - 3RD ARCHIVE BOOK 2012-2017****

Marilyn's Photographic Archive 2012-2017

Viet Nam 2013 - companion book

Marilyn's Photographic Archive 2008-2012

Viet Nam Blog 2013

Marilyn's Photographic Archive 2001-2008

Egypt 2011

Scotland 2011

South Africa 2011

Loas 2008