Links to award info

I am often asked about the photographic awards I have done by people wondering about doing them theirselves. You can 'do your homework' on the requirements and see what you can find out by visiting exhibitions etc.
Some exhibitions are online - for instance a good idea of what does well at national exhibitions can be seen at:
The Vale of Evesham CC British Photographic Exhibition (BPE) VECC

A good source of information for the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) can be found on the East Anglian Federation of Photo Societies (EAF) at: EAF Award info This link gives information about the Credit (CPAGB), Distinction (DPAGB) and Masters (MPAGB) awards. Basically, CPAGB requires 10 images, DPAGB 15 images and MPAGB 20 images. CPAGB is considered good club level photography, DPAGB good national photography and MPAGB good International photography that will probably also get awarded in the international competitions.
Further PAGB information can be got directly from the PAGB website.

For Royal Photographic Society (RPS) distinctions information have a look at the Distinctions (not to be confused with Awards) page of their website: RPS distinctions The RPS also has three levels of distinction - Licentiate, Associateship and Fellowship. Again, 10 images are required for LRPS, 15 for ARPS and 20 for FRPS but where the RPS differs from the PAGB is that all of your images are assessed at the same time as a panel. Panels, therefore, often have a common theme but do not have to have.

Both the RPS and PAGB run advisory days where you can take along your potential submission of images and get advise. You can also go along to a PAGB assessment day just to observe to see what happens and to see the quality of work. The next PAGB assessment is in Kegworth, Nottingham, the last week end in November 2014. The next is in Southampton in April 2015.

One of my print lectures, 'Towards and A and a D' is all about my approach to getting my ARPS and my DPAGB. I am willing to give this talk to photographic/camera clubs. Contact me (see link below), if you would like me to come to your club.

If you are interested in International Exhibitions organised by FIAP (Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique) have a look at their list of salons on the FIAP entry forms site. The rules for applying for FIAP distinctions are changing from January 2016, quite significantly, so do take care with that.

I hope you found this information useful and I wish you luck with your awards when you do them.
Any questions or queries - do get in touch with me via my Contact me page