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5 Canon 9500 inks
5 Canon 9500 inks

Canon inks - all for £20, including P+P (To UK addresses only.) These inks retail for about £10+ each.

I have recently had to take my ten year old Canon 9500 printer to the tip as it has stopped working. As a consequence I have 4 unopened inks which I would like to sell -
PGI-9PBK (Photo Black)
PGI-9GY (Grey)
PDI-9PM (Photo Magenta)
PGI-9PC (Photo Cyan)
I also have a PGI-0C (Cyan) that I opened, put in the printer to do a test (printer didn't work) so I took that cartridge out immediately and put it back in its plastic inner, which I sellotaped shut.